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Razor Cuts

Razor cuts are irritations of the skin from shaving with a razor. There may also be small nicks or cuts that happen. Razor bumps are from ingrown hairs. These hairs get pushed back into the follicle. Shaving makes the top layer of your skin peel. The blood vessels become dilated and the irritated skin begins to show swelling, redness and bumps.


Razor burn may appear as a mild rash that might also have razor bumps, which is a raised welt or infected pustule around a shaved hair. The skin becomes irritated and red. You may feel a burning sensation on the freshly shaved area. The skin may appear chafed and feel itchy or have a burning sensation.


Razor cuts can be caused by too much pressure while shaving due to friction on the skin. This may also happen if you don't use enough lubrication on your skin. If you shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth, razor burn can appear. Excessive use of colognes and aftershave lotion can make the burn worse by drying out the skin. When shaving, it is best to use a sharp razor and to lubricate the skin first. Always shave in the direction the hair grows.


Small cuts and nicks can become infected. If you have a razor burn or bumps that don't heal in a few days, or if they appear infected, see a doctor.

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