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Oats – (Avena sativa)

Oats herbal remedies

Oats are a cereal grain that is grown for its seed. Most people have this cereal at least on an occasional basis. They are eaten by humans and livestock of all kinds. People eat them as 'oatmeal', in bread or as cereal. They are also known as groats. They are sown either in the fall for a summer harvest, or in the spring for a fall harvest. The food is a diet staple in Scotland.


Key Medicinal Uses

Internally – This herb is often recommended for anxiety, high cholesterol and triglycerides, insomnia, withdrawal from nicotine and debility. They may be helpful for diabetes. They are part of the Ayurvedic treatment for opium addiction.

Externally – Oats are a soothing treatment for skin conditions like eczema, chicken pox, dry itchy patches and insect bites. You can add the herb to your bath or get commercial soaps, gels and other bathing accessories.

Herbs to Combine/Supplement

When oats are combined with skullcap or mugwort, it is effective against depression. Oat straw, combined with nettle, red raspberry leaf and alfalfa make a very nutritious herbal tea during pregnancy.

Parts Used

Seeds, stalks – The seeds and stalks are used medicinally.


There are no known contraindications for taking this herb. If you suffer from celiac disease, use with caution. Bran may decrease the absorption of certain medications so be sure and check with your physician.

Preparation and Dosage

The herb can be taken as an infusion, a tincture or a bath. For an infusion, steep 1 to 3 teaspoons of straw in 1 cup of boiling water and steep for 10 to 15 minutes. This infusion can be taken three times per day. 3 to 5 ml of tincture can be taken 3 times per day.

For a bath that is soothing for skin conditions and neuralgia, boil 1 pound of shredded straw in 2 quarts of water. Let steep for half an hour. Strain and add the liquid to your bath. Alternatively, cooked rolled oats can be put into a muslin bag and placed in the bath.

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