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Headache causing nausea

The word Nausea, also named nausia, comes from the Greek word for ship and related to sea sickness. Nowadays it describes the feeling tha you may vomit. It can hit quickly and be gone just as fast. It can also linger, making you feel awful all day long. Many times, if you can get the offending material out of your stomach, you immediately begin to feel better, while at other times, it will linger no matter how empty your stomach is.


Nausea gives you the feeling that you may vomit at any time. A general sense of queasiness may be accompanied by a flush of warmth or alternatively, you may feel clammy and go pale. You may feel a lack of appetite towards certain foods or all foods.


Nausea can be caused by many things like the flu, food poisoning, motion sickness, inner ear problems, ingesting too much alcohol, intestinal parasites, emotional stress, morning sickness, hormonal changes (as in pregnancy) and other stomach irritations. It may also be a sign of heart attack, some kinds of cancer and some kidney or liver disorders. It can also be caused by some medications or medical treatments like chemotherapy.


If your nausea persists longer than two days, you vomit periodically for more than 24 hours, or you vomit blood or something that looks like coffee grounds, seek medical attention. If you are elderly and it comes with a fever, see your doctor. If you are nauseous and you have a sudden, severe pain in the abdomen or chest, go to the nearest emergency room. If you're pregnant and you can't eat or drink due to severe nausea, see your care giver immediately. A doctor should be consulted if you have any concerns or if it follows a significant event, such as a head injury.

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