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Liver Disease

Liver Cirrhosis

Liver disease, or Cirrhosis of the liver, is where the organ loses a significant amount of cells, gradually causing the liver to contract in size and become leathery and hard. This scarring of the liver occurs as cells die. When the scarring builds up enough, the blood cannot flow through the liver properly. Cirrhosis is a progressive disease, where it starts mildly then gets worse slowly over time.


Early symptoms may only include attacks of indigestion, loss of appetite and occasional vomiting or nausea. As the disease grows, you may notice weight loss and abdominal pain. You may see reddish, hair-like markings that resemble small spiders on the trunk, arms, face and neck or the palms of the hands may turn red. You will feel tired and weak, and you may notice a yellowing of the skin and eyes. Eventually the abdomen becomes swollen and bloated, the mind gets confused and there may be bleeding from the stomach.


Liver disease is often caused by the abuse of alcohol or drugs over a long period of time. Cirrhosis may also be caused by a toxic condition of the entire body in general, other liver diseases such as hepatitis C,B,D. Cirrhosis may also be due to medications that damage the liver and disorders of the liver's drainage system.


Consult your doctor if you experience symptoms associated with cirrhosis of the liver. Your doctor will be able to confirm diagnosis through a blood test.

Herbal Treatments

Should be used in conjuction with your standard medical care.

Internal Applications

To protect and rejuvenate the liver:

To support the immune system:

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