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Lethargy is a distinct lack of energy accompanied by indifference and lack of interest in anything. It can make it difficult to go to work, to school or attend to daily tasks. You may feel sluggish and unproductive or drowsy. Also known as fatigue, listlessness or malaise, this condition may be a response to stress or overexertion, or it can be a symptom of more serious illnesses.


Symptoms include fatigue, lack of energy and difficulty sleeping. You may have trouble focusing or have aches and pains in different parts of the body. Others may have changes in their bowel movements or appetite patterns.


Lethargy can be caused by depression. Other causes may include head injury, hypotension, hypertension, poor nutrition, diabetes, alcohol or substance abuse and disorders of the thyroid or adrenal glands. Diseases like mononucleosis and measles can also cause this debilitating ailment to strike. This problem can also be the result of recuperating from an illness or dehydration, chronic fatigue syndrome or stroke.


Lethargy may be a symptom of a more serious condition. See your medical care provider for testing to see if your condition is related to another problem like jaundice, kidney failure or hepatitis. Disorders of the thyroid, autoimmune disorders, meningitis, Addison's disease, gastritis and myxedema may also have lethargy as a symptom.

Herbal Treatments

Internal Applications

External Applications

Other essential oils that may be refreshing when used in a massage, bath or vaporizer include basil, clary sage, geranium and peppermint. Consider a combination of the oils.

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