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Skin blemishes - Hives

Hives are itchy red welts on the skin that commonly present on people that have allergic reactions such as hay fever. They usually appear in groups and can be very uncomfortable. Also known as urticaria, they release histamines and other chemicals that result in localized swelling and itching.


Symptoms include itching and swelling of the skin surface into red welts with defined edges. They may appear and disappear suddenly, and welts turn white when pressed. The welts can get larger, spread or join together to form large flat raised areas. In some cases, the welts can change shape, disappear and reappear within hours or even minutes.


Hives can be caused by allergic reactions to medication, foods, pollen, animal dander and insect bites. Some cases may be attributed to stress. Hives may also appear after an illness or infection. Some scientists think there is a hereditary factor for the ailment. Less common causes may include lupus, tapeworms, hepatitis, mononucleosis, and cold urticaria. There are two different types of hives: acute urticaria, which is often due to a food or medication allergy, and chronic urticaria, which is diagnosed if the rash lasts for longer than six weeks.


Coffee, tobacco and alcohol may aggravate the condition, so avoid using these things if you have an attack.

Herbal Treatments

Internal Applications

External Applications


Soothe the skin with a compress made from Lavender, Thyme or Chamomile - apply 3 drops of essential oil to bowl of tepid water, dampenen a cloth in the water and apply 3 times a day to affected area.

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