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Herbal Detox

An herbal detox is probably the most efficient way to cleanse the body of the poisons that we regularly ingest. Our bodies work on detoxifying themselves every day, but today our livers and kidneys are overwhelmed with all sorts of chemicals that make it difficult for them to do their jobs efficiently. Many are resorting to using herbs to help support their bodies during detoxification on their way to better health. Some people opt for a whole body detox, while others concentrate on one area at a time, like the colon, the liver, the kidneys or the lymph system. Detoxing single areas will help others in the long run. Detoxification will stimulate the organs that need to be cleansed.


Symptoms of over toxicity in the body may include kidney infections, bladder infections, kidney stones and a general feeling of malaise. It may make it difficult to heal from disease and even minor infections picked up from cuts and scrapes may take a very long time to heal properly. Discoloration of the skin may also point to a buildup in toxicity levels in the blood stream.


Many of the foods we eat are over processed and lack nutrition. People take many medications that harm the liver and kidneys, making it difficult for them to do their jobs. These situations contribute to general ill health and many diseases.


Use herbal detox with caution; you may want to consult your physician before beginning detoxification so they are aware and can watch for problems. There is nothing wrong with detoxification but don't overdo it. You don't want to go from one extreme to another; that just puts the body under even more stress. Taking things easy to start with will mean you are far more likely to see good results that last.

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