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Heat Stroke

Difference between hyperthermia (heat stroke) and fever

Heat stroke follows heat exhaustion. This is a dangerous situation. Staying out in hot weather for too long without adequate protection and hydration can cause your temperature to spike to dangerous levels. Young babies and children as well as the elderly are at more risk for developing heat related problems. If you have other problems like diabetes, heart or circulatory issues or other serious conditions, you also may be more at risk. Some medications like vasoconstrictors, diuretics and beta blockers also raise your risk level.


Symptoms of heat stroke include a rapid increase in temperature to 106 degrees Fahrenheit or higher (41 degrees Celsius +), a lack of perspiration, flushed skin, breathing difficulties, a rapid pulse, confusion, hallucination, disorientation, thirst and sometimes seizures and a loss of consciousness or coma. Blood pressure may drop and the victim may feel faint or dizzy. Immediately following this, it is common for the victim to tremble or go into convulsions.


Heat stroke occurs if you are exposed to hot weather too long without adequate hydration. Your body maintains its proper temperature by sweating, but if your body gets dehydrated, there is no more liquid to spare for sweating. As a result, your body temperature rises rapidly, throwing your body into shock.


If immediate steps are not taken to try to lower the temperature, heat stroke victims are in danger. Temperatures can rise above 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) suddenly. Try to cool down the person suffering and get them medical attention immediately.

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