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Heartburn and Hyperacidity.

Acid flowing back up the esophagus

Heartburn occurs when the sphincter at the top of the stomach does not close completely, allowing some of the hydrochloric acid to reflux into the lower portion of the esophagus. Hyperacidity occurs when hydrochloric acid is produced by the stomach but not utilized. Instead, it just pools there. This may occur if you skip a meal.


Symptoms of hyperacidity may include decreased appetite, belching, a bitter taste in the mouth, malaise, nausea and vomiting and flatulence. After a large meal, you may have pain in the upper abdomen. Heartburn is characterized by a burning sensation felt just above the abdomen in the chest. In severe cases, the sensations and pain felt can be confused with a heart problem.


Hyperacidity and heartburn may be aggravated by anxiety, worry or tension. They may also be caused by constipation, flatulence and by not eating regularly. Hyperacidity may be aggravated by oily, salty or spicy foods, excessive acidic and sour foods, inadequate exercise, smoking, drugs or drinking, and too much coffee consumption. Some medical conditions and illnesses like hyperthyroidism, stomach ulcers, acid reflux disease and stomach cancer may contribute to these problems. Other serious causes may include spinal lesions, peptic ulcers and other diseases of the digestive system. Lying down right after a meal, wearing uncomfortably tight clothing or drinking orange juice on an empty stomach may also cause problems with reflux acid.


If either of these related problems causes you a lot of discomfort, see a doctor. An untreated condition can turn into acid reflux, and hyperacidity can also lead to other digestive problems.

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