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Ear Ache Herbal Remedies

The Human Ear

Ear ache is a very common complaint, especially in children. Luckily, they are also easy to cure in most cases. There are three types of earaches. Inner ear infections are not painful, but they do affect your balance. Middle ear infections are behind the eardrum. They are very painful, and if the infection grows enough, it may rupture the eardrum. Outer ear infections are the most common and the easiest to cure.


Symptoms of an ear ache include pain in the ear, high temperature, headache and sometimes a feeling like all sounds are muffled. Earache may accompany a cold, sore throat or the flu. You may experience dizziness if your inner ear is affected.


Ear aches are commonly caused by bacteria or viruses spread via the Eustachian tubes. It can be caused by getting water trapped in the outer ear, getting chilled while you are wet and by wind hitting the ears. Repeated ear infections may be caused by a weakened immune system. The immune system can be weakened by overuse of antibiotics, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, food allergies, additives and preservatives, environmental toxins, toxins formed from digesting protein and overloading the immune system.


Seek medical attention if your earache lasts for longer than a week or continues to hurt for more than three days after taking antibiotics. If you have sudden or severe pain in the ear without a cold or sore throat or if your ear hurts when you chew, see your doctor immediately.

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