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Depression Treatment

Depression treatment is not one of the easiest of topics to cover. The ailment can affect anyone at any age and it can range from mild to severe. Mild depression may last only a short time. Severe depression may last for several weeks, months or even years. Unfortunately there isn't a cut and dried solution to this problem but there are still steps you can take yourself to improve your situation.


Symptoms of depression may include a sadness that doesn't go away, irritability, insomnia, wanting to sleep constantly, lack of interest in what's happening around you, worthlessness, exhaustion and hopelessness. Other symptoms that may be experienced include constant fatigue, anxiousness, guilt, a definite increase or decrease in appetite, difficulty concentrating, crying spells and thoughts of suicide.


Depression can affect people who have experienced a significant emotional loss, such as death of a loved one. However, there can be no single obvious cause. Depression is usually caused by a chemical change in the brain that creates an imbalance in the right biochemicals. It can be triggered, however by many different things like stress, a loss, hormonal imbalance, life circumstances and other such outside happenings. Getting the right depression treatment is crucial.

What can I do to help myself?

A good friend of mine once worked shift-work. His daily life was so affected by his ever-changing work patterns that he fell into a real rut and found it difficult to do anything, literally, but watch TV. All the interests he had before he took the offending job were gone, replaced with an uncaring, pointless outlook on life that was not only taking its toll on him, but on his family too. The interesting thing was that when I pointed out to him that he might be suffering from depression, he was really shocked - "Who, me!" was the response.

Once he had accepted the fact that he was indeed suffering from depression, he sought help and worked through the problem with a professional. One thing that did go was the root cause - his job. The thought of giving up his job at first was like cutting off a limb; he thought he had no choice but to continue in a role that was effectively killing him. However, with the right help and depression treatment he changed his career and his life at the same time. Now you wouldn't recognize him as the same man, such is the change.


Depression can become so severe that you may contemplate suicide or suffer psychotic episodes, so it is crucial to get the right depression treatment before it gets to that point.

Herbal Treatments

Depression is not something to be taken lightly, so always consult your medical herbalist or doctor before taking herbs for the problem. You really should take positive steps to get to the root cause of your illness so ask for help early on.

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