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Dark Armpits Herbal Remedies

Some people develop dark armpits or underarms after years of using deodorants, shaving and doing other things that exacerbate the condition. Fair-skinned people are most affected by this problem since it is much more noticeable due to the paleness of their skin. People of Indian and Polynesian descent may also notice darkened underarms from shaved hair growth that remains below the skin's first layer.


Dark underarms are noted for the dark skin in the armpits that may also be accompanied by sweating, itching and a bad odor.


Dark armpits are thought to be caused by shaving, dead skin build up, deodorants that contain chemicals, alcohol and strong fragrances, infections, excessive sweating and friction from tight clothing. Other causes may include using androgen-based contraceptives, genetics, having dark hair follicles and being overweight. Some methods of prevention include waxing instead of shaving to get rid of the follicles, using alum instead of harsh chemical deodorants and exfoliating the underarms. It may also be caused by a skin disease known as acanthosis nigricans.


If you notice hyper pigmentation (too much pigment in the skin) on your underarms and around the base of the neck, it may be a symptom of type II diabetes. See your doctor for diagnosis. Acanthosis nigricans can also be a symptom of a tumor in the stomach. It may also be a symptom of a glandular disorder.

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