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Dandruff Herbal Remedies

Dandruff is that flaky white stuff that you may see on your shoulders and clothing that comes from a dry scalp. Besides this common form, there is also a form known as waxy-dandruff. Waxy-dandruff occurs when the scales of the scalp are mixed with sebum, making it stick to the scalp in patches. Another common name for this condition is cradle cap.


Symptoms of dry-dandruff include white flakey scales of skin that fall from the scalp. The scalp may be itchy. For waxy-dandruff, you may notice large patches of dark colored scales stuck to your scalp.


Dandruff may be caused by poor nutrition, using alkaline soaps or shampoos too frequently or a deficiency of zinc. Other contributing factors may include a dry or oily scalp, sunburn, an allergic reaction or even stress. The most common form is seborrheic dermatitis.


Excessive dandruff may be caused by a bacterial infection that can be spread to others through sharing towels, hair brushes, combs and soaps. A medicated shampoo may be required to be rid of the infection.

Herbal Treatments

Internal Applications

External Applications


Essential oils can be used to massage into the scalp to help treat dandruff. For fair hair, add 1 drop chamomile oil and 1 drop lemon essential oil to 5 ml of carrier oil. For dark hair, use patchouli and ylang ylang. Massage into head for 5 minutes, cover with hot towel for 15 minutes and then wash hair as usual. Repeat once a week as required.

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