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Conjunctivitis or pink-eye

Conjunctivitis, or pink-eye, is a very common problem associated with the eyes. The disease strikes both the white and the lining of the eyelid, which both become inflamed.


Symptoms of conjunctivitis may include redness, burning eyes, and an increased light sensitivity, dryness in the eye, a gritty sensation, pain, an itchy feeling, watery eyes and at times, a discharge that is sticky which may stick the eyelids and eyelashes together when you're asleep. Many of these same symptoms may be from allergies, chemical irritation, smoke or smog, so make sure you really have this ailment before you begin treatment.


Conjunctivitis may be caused by bacterial infection, the overuse eye drops not specifically for the problem, a vitamin A deficiency, allergies, hay fever, improperly maintained contact lenses, some illnesses like measles, grit inside the eyelids, a foreign substance in the eye, cosmetics or injury.


Because conjunctivitis is contagious, you should be very careful about sharing any item of laundry, such as sheets, face cloths and towels. Change your pillowslip and bedding frequently. Try to increase the strength of your immune system by taking some of the herbal remedies suggested below. Always ensure your hands are clean before making any contact with your eyes. Don't rub your eyes.

Conjunctivitis and cold sores may indicate a more serious problem, make an appointment with your health professional to rule out the possibility that the herpes virus may have infected your eye. If you wear makeup, make sure that any makeup you used when you first noticed the condition is thrown away. Yes - this is necessary! Switch to glasses if you wear contacts. Protect your eyes by Wearing sunglasses, as the inflammation makes you more sensitive to sunlight.

Herbal Treatments

When using eyewash, ensure that you keep the infusions sterile and wipe from inside to outer edge of eye.

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