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Common Fever

A common fever is described as when the temperature of the body rises above normal. When this happens, the normal function of the system is disturbed. Most people equate fevers with colds and flu. Some fevers, however, are just fevers. Others are symptoms of more severe illnesses. Having a fever serves an important purpose. The body raises its temperature in order to fight infection or injury.


Symptoms of fever may include slight shivering, head and body ache, thirst and fatigue. If a fever gets very high, the pulse and respiration quicken. As the fever peaks, there is a lot of sweating, the release of a large amount of concentrated urine and an overall relief of symptoms.


Common fever may be caused by infections, allergic reactions, medications, sunstroke, hyperthyroidism, cancer, hormone disorders, pneumonia, the flu, abscesses, and bacteria, virus, protozoa or a chemical or poison.


Seek medical advise if your fever is prolonged and if the cause is unkown. Get help immediately if your child has a temperature above 38.5 degrees celcius, has a siezure or has dark red blotches. If a fever reaches 106 degrees Fahrenheit, immediate emergency procedures must be started. Remove the clothes and the body should be wrapped in a cotton sheet that has been dipped in ice-cold water. Wrap a blanket over the top. Change the sheet every 15 minutes.

Herbal Treatments

To build the immune system:

Internal Applications

To fight fever and support the body during a common fever:

External Applications


Use juniper, chamomile and lavender essential oils as a rub. Add 3 drops of the essential oil into 10 ml of carrier oil. Rub on forehead and chest 2 - 3 times a day.

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