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Cellulite is seen as the fat deposits that are located under the skin that give the skin a dimpled appearance. This dimpled appearance is caused by the fat being deposited in chambers that are separated by walls of collagen fibers. Women develop these fatty areas more frequently than men. It is more common in people who are overweight, although you don't need to be obese or even fat to have it.


The skin of the thighs, legs, buttocks and stomach appear dimpled, like the skin of an orange. An increase in fatty mass around these areas and also the upper arms.


Hormones, pregnancy, aging and other factors all contribute to a weakening of the collagen fibers and the formation of cellulite. The blood supply to these areas vary, which affects the ability of the body to supply nutrients and take away toxins. With a good blood supply, fatty tissue is smooth and free of toxins and excess fluid. When an area does not enjoy a good blood supply, an area becomes devoid of oxygen and nutrients. Toxins build up, along with excessive fluids.

The resulting cellulite is a mixture of fatty tissue alternated with tethering fibers and thick fluid, creating the lumpy areas commonly seen on thighs, legs, stomachs and buttocks. Some of the common causes include a lack of exercise, chronic overeating, underactive thyroid gland and food intolerances. Poor drainage in these areas may be caused or worsened by stress or anxiety, poor lymph system drainage or disease, weak veins and varicose veins.


Some remedies offered by health spas are not effective. Beware of costly treatments that do not have the desired results.

Herbal Treatments

Herbal remedies focus on reducing fluid retention, supporting detoxification and improving circulation.

Internal Applications

External Applications


Essential oils can be used in bath or massage to aid cellulite treatment. The following may be useful:

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