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Bruising is an inevitable part of everyday life and everyone gets one or more at some time or other. From the time children begin to move on their own, they make their inevitable appearance. People who mark easily may have some problems with clotting or may have a kidney disorder. On the other hand, the condition is the way our bodies handle all the little bumps in life. They are the sign that our bodies react quickly to injury and work quickly to heal.


We're all familiar with the black and blue coloring that slowly fades to green and then to yellow as it heals. Bruising may come from an injury, accident or surgical procedure. Some are very deep and painful, while others don't cause any pain at all. Some may be accompanied by swelling.


Bruises are caused by blood being released from capillaries into the tissues beneath the skin. This is what causes the coloring. While it is usually caused by injury, sometimes it can be caused by an allergic reaction or a more serious condition.


People taking blood thinners and diabetics should check their bodies on a regular basis for bruises, as it may be a symptom of problems that need to be addressed. If they get worse rather than get better, see a doctor. It may mean there is internal bleeding. If you develop unexplained bruises, see a medical professional.

Herbal Treatments

Internal Applications

Ginkgo tablets can help with circulation and protecting blood vessels. Green tea and Horse chestnut are also useful for improving circulation.

External Applications

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