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Bed Sores

Bed Sores

Bed sores afflict many who are bedridden, in a coma or immobilized for a length of time. Remaining in the same position for a long period of time cuts off the blood supply to the skin, leaving it vulnerable to bedsores. Pressure sores, trophic ulcers and decubitus ulcers are alternative names for the condition.


If a person is immobilized for any reason, bed sores may occur. In the beginning, you will see a red area that becomes very painful. It eventually turns purple. If not treated correctly, the sore breaks open and becomes infected. More complications can set in at this point, as the infection can affect nearby muscles and bones as the sores become large enough to expose them. Common sites for sores are the hip, spine, lower back, heels, buttocks, elbows and shoulder blades.


Bed sores are caused by a person remaining in the same position for too long. Doing this prevents proper circulation to the skin. Bedridden patients may also be prone to incontinence, and if the skin gets wet due to this problem, it becomes especially prone to infection. Changing the patient's position helps prevent bedsores, as do gentle massage, foot and leg exercises and a good diet.


If bed sores become severe, they need immediate medical attention. Once they expose the bone, they may require surgery and skin grafts. Risks for developing sores are increased if you have malnutrition, anemia, muscle weakness from lack of use, atherosclerosis, diabetes, lack of sensation, heart problems, incontinence, obesity, paralysis, poor blood circulation, spinal cord injury or rectal disease.

Herbal Treatments

Internal Applications

To improve circulation:

To prevent infection and promote health skin:

External Applications


The following essential oils may be used individually or in a blend to reduce inflammation and therefore promote healing to sores on the skin:

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