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Back ache

Back ache

Most people today suffer from back ache at least occasionally. This isn't surprising, since our back supports the body and is used to do practically everything. Some people feel pain in their upper or middle back, but the vast majority of people with chronic backache problems will feel it in their lower back.


Pain is normally felt in the middle of the back or lower. The pain may radiate to both sides of the waist and might include the hips. With severe back pain, a person may be bedridden and unable to move.


Causes of back ache range from the easily corrected to severe medical problems. Environmental causes may include poor posture, muscle tension, bad nutrition, lack of exercise, sitting for long periods, high heels, emotional stress and improper lifting. Internal problems like kidney and prostate illness may cause back pain, as can menstrual problems, the flu and arthritis. The most severe causes include spinal problems like a slipped disc or degeneration of the spinal vertebrae.


Use caution when bending your back and shoulders. Do not lift items with your back. Use the powerful muscles of your legs to lift. Severe back pain should be examined by a physician. Degenerative problems need medical care.

Herbal Treatments

Internal Applications

External Applications


Oils that may offer muscular relief include:

These oils can be used stand alone or in combination. Use in massage, bath or compress.


Cypress 3 drops, Juniper 3 drops, Rosemary or Lavender 4 drops.

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