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Anti-Aging Herbs

Anti-aging herbs

Anti-aging herbs - we all want them! Aging is the natural process our bodies go through and begins to take effect as soon as we reach adulthood. You may notice wrinkles on the skin, more stiffness in the joints and grey hair. You may not feel as well as you used to, or be able to enjoy the same activities or foods. Many people develop diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular disease as they age. However, with a healthy lifestyle, you can retain good health well into your older years.


There are two types of aging; intrinsic aging, which depends on our genetic predispositions, and extrinsic aging, which depends on our environment. The symptoms from our individual genetic codes include fine wrinkles, thinning and transparent skin, itchy dry skin, hair loss, unwanted hair, thinning nail plates, hollowed cheeks and eyes and loss of firmness on the neck and hands.

Osteoporosis and reduction of muscular mass may occur & deterioration associated with brain and nervous system may impact memory functioning and psychomotor skills. Aging that occurs from our environment include damage from the sun, which causes freckles, age spots, spider veins, leathery skin and skin cancer. Facial expressions will cause lines and wrinkles. Gravity will continue to pull on our bodies and cause skin to sag.


Aging is a natural process, caused largely by wear and tear on the body, the aging of tissues and decrease in metabolic rate. Factors that make you age faster include eating processed foods high in fat and low in nutrients, spending all your time in front of the television and losing out on sleep. Consuming large amounts of alcohol and smoking speed up the aging process as well. Skin ages by being overexposed to the sun, using harsh chemicals, eating a bad diet and smoking. Stress can age you much faster than if you have an outlet to deal with it. Dwelling on the negative things that happen can also pack on the years.


If you feel unwell or develop symptoms that concern you after taking any anti-aging herbs, consult your physician.

Herbal Treatments

Anti-aging herbs that may assist in reducing the symptoms associated with ageing.

To improve energy levels:

Internal Usage

For digestion and sleep:

Internal Usage

For increased blood supply to brain:

External Usage

For aging skin:

Internal Usage

External Usage

Aromatherapy Oils

Essential oils can minimize the loss of elasticity and help to rehydrate the skin. Oils that may be useful include: cypress, frankincense, jasmine, myrrh, neroli, patchouli and rosemary. Oils can be used in massage and bath in a variety of combinations. Try the following:

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