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Alzheimers disease


Alzheimers disease is a progressive degenerative neurological disorder that eventually leads to problems with memory, thinking and reasoning as well as motor skills. This disease progresses rapidly in some people and more slowly in others. All people who develop Alzheimer's will eventually need complete care as they slowly lose brain function. One thing that most Alzheimer's patients have in common is an abnormal amount of aluminum in their brains. Aluminum inhibits the use of vitamin B12, the lack of which creates a protein that hardens the nerves.


Early symptoms of Alzheimer's include loss of concentration, forgetfulness, unexplained weight loss, loss of motor skills, incontinence, depression, irritability, apathy and changes in sexuality. Later symptoms may include a difficulty in finding the right words, lack of understanding words spoken to them, reduced or irrelevant conversation, impaired movement and coordination, impaired sense of smell and severe weight loss.


Doctors don't really understand what exactly causes Alzheimers disease, although there are theories that part of it may be genetics, part may be the environment and part may be what a person chooses to do or not do in their life. Currently, it is known that age is the single largest risk factor. There is also growing evidence that maintaining physical, mental and social activities may help prevent Alzheimer's.


Medical care is necessary as Alzheimers disease progresses and patients will need someone to care for them as they lose the ability to do simple self-care tasks.

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