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Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

Correct addiction treatment, in the context that we are describing it here, requires that the physical and/or psychological dependence upon a substance, whether it is a drug, alcohol or other substance, is correctly identified and treated accordingly. The person may truly desire to be free of the dependence, but a craving makes it very difficult to break away from the substance. Studies are showing that some people may have more of a predisposition to this illness than others. While that alone doesn't help anyone suffering from the problem, it does give some hope that we are beginning to understand the reasons why people fall into this most serious of illnesses.


The symptoms may include needing more and more of a substance to attain the same relief as the body builds up a tolerance to it. When an addicted person cannot get their substance of choice, they may experience shaking, headache, feeling ill or craving.


The causes of addiction are not completely understood. While some people don't get addicted to the same substances as others do, some substances have the potential to make addicts of everyone who uses them. Science has listed several risk factors that may play into the potential for developing addictions: genetics, social environment, abuse, emotional disorders, the substance and a low frustration tolerance level.


If a person becomes addicted to a substance or behavior that is destructive to himself or others, they should seek addiction treatment in overcoming the ailment. This, of course, is easier said than done. First you have to recognize that you have an addiction and then take positive steps, using the correct addiction treatment, to address the problem. Some addictions can be so destructive that the person is risking death to themselves or to others. Your doctor or specialist should be consulted to determine the best treatment for supporting your recovery.

Herbal Addiction Treatments

Addiction treatment focuses on treating the emotional and physical effects the additions have on the body and mind and getting to the underlying reasons for the person starting their behaviors.

Internal Applications

Aromatherapy Addiction treatment

There are several essential oils which can provide emotional and physical support whilst withdrawing from your addiction.

The essential oils above can be combined for effective treatment. Suggested blends in bath, burner or massage are:

Alternative Addiction Treatment Therapies

Acupuncture, Acupressure and reflexology may also be useful.

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