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Acne Rosacea

Acne Rosacea

Acne rosacea affects about 10% of the population, and develops slowly. The condition may also be referred to simply as rosacea. It is difficult to treat and does not respond well to acne medications or to moisturizers. There is no known cure for this disease that strikes most frequently in fair-skinned people of northern and eastern European descent. It may run in families. While more women are affected than men, men seem to get more severe cases. People usually develop rosacea between the ages of 30 and 50.


A distinctive flushing or redness appears over the face, particularly the nose and cheeks in a butterfly pattern. At first it may appear that the person suffering from rosacea just blushes easily, or is sensitive to cosmetics or has a ruddy complexion. But upon closer examination, you'll see the red area contains pustules and papules that look like acne. There may also be flaky patches, dilated blood vessels, enlargement of the nose and a gritty feeling in the eyes.


While the original cause of acne rosacea is unknown, several things can make it worse. Spicy foods, hot liquids, alcohol consumption, temperature extremes, sunlight, stress, rubbing or massaging, smoking and cosmetics all aggravate the condition.


Don't hesitate to see your doctor if you are concerned about your rosacea or if you see it getting worse. A common prescription for acne rosacea is the antibiotic tetracycline, which may cause photosensitivity.

Herbal Treatments

Herbs are often used in combinations when treating an illness. Some of the most frequently used herbal remedies for acne associated with Acne Rosacea are listed below. You should speak to your herbalist when considering the most effective combination or treatment. Studies have been conducted on the use of herbal remedies in treating Acne Rosacea – please refer to Treatment of rosacea with herbal ingredients. Wu J., Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, 2006 Jan;5(1):29-32 which details some of the herbs listed below.

Internal Applications for acne rosacea.

External Applications for acne rosacea.

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